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Sick and Vacation Time

COVID-19 Sick & Vacation Reporting Instructions

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For assistance with reporting please contact Karmen Diaz

Sick Leave

Administrative personnel accrue one day of sick leave for each month of service. Staff personnel accrue 3.69 hours of sick leave for each pay period. Sick leave may only be used for illness of an employee and for an illness of members of the employee's immediate family living in the employee's home.


Depending on arrangements made with their respective deans, faculty members may teach or use the spring and/or summer terms for vacation.

Administrative personnel accrue 14.67 hours of vacation for each month worked, resulting in the employee being credited for 22 days of vacation per year (176 hours).

Newly hired administrative and staff employees receive the following front loaded leave accruals:

Administrative Accrual With Frontload

Biweekly Payroll

Information for Full-Time Staff
Each pay period will cover two weeks, beginning with a Saturday and ending on a Friday.  Pay for the pay period will be issued on the following Friday by direct deposit per University Policy. Those not on direct deposit may pick up their check the following Monday.

Staff and ¾-time hourly raises will be effective at the beginning of the pay period that includes September 1.

As of November 23, 2019, vacation and sick leave will accrue each biweekly pay period on an hour-per-hour basis:

Biweekly Accrual

Biweekly Accrual
Biweekly Accrual with 40 Hour Frontload

If less than full pay for the pay period, the hour-per-hour accruals are calculated based on the following:

                                          3.69 hours = .04615 x hours paid

                                          4.62 hours = .05775 x hours paid

                                          5.54 hours = .06925 x hours paid

                                          6.77 hours = .084625 x hours paid

See also  Pay Period Schedule


Please contact the Leaves Manager with any questions regarding Sick Leave, Vacation, or any other type of leave.

Leaves Manager
D-243 ASB

Attached Documents
For assistance with reporting please contact Karmen Diaz