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Brigham Young University desires to provide compensation that will attract and retain personnel qualified and capable of contributing to its operation and mission. The University will endeavor to provide competitive pay. The system for determining individual salaries conforms to accepted compensation practices. The Compensation department develops and maintains the salary system for administrative, full-time, and 3/4-time staff employees.

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Philosophy, Strategy, & Principles of BYU Compensation

In support of BYU's mission, we strive to competitively compensate in order to attract, motivate, and retain employees by:

  • Pay competitively in relation to external and internal benchmarks
  • Reward employees whose performance truly excels
  • Remain within budgetary allocations

BYU uses base pay and annual merit increases for its core compensation programs.

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Job Descriptions

Job descriptions play a critical role within the organization by supporting many different activities including recruiting great candidates, evaluation of jobs, and developing equitable compensation practices.

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Our Competitiveness

BYU's objective is to provide a competitive total rewards package, including base compensation and benefits.

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