Employee Relations Office

Brigham Young University values each individual employee and desires them to succeed in their respective responsibilities.  There are times when concerns surface regarding the working environment or when performance is not meeting expectations.  In those cases, Employee Relations provides counsel, advice, and training to managers and employees to help them resolve conflicts, solve problems, address complaints, and review grievances.  For assistance in these areas, please contact the Employee Relations Manager.

The Office of Employee Relations helps interpret BYU policies and procedures as they relate to the workplace.  We also monitor and interpret state and federal employment laws to help you understand and follow these laws as they apply to your working environment.



The Employee Relations Team

Jim Woodard Employee Relations Manager/Ecclesiastical Clearance Office
D-282 ASB
Jenny Tooke Employee Relations Department Assistant
D-240C ASB
Marcy Fetzer Managing Director ER/EO/ECO
D-292 ASB