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Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors at BYU

Individuals must meet specific requirements to be engaged as an independent contractor (IC). Independent Contractors are not current or recent BYU employees (including student employees). Recent employees are those who have terminated within the last six months or in the current tax year. See more information about independent contractors on the IRS website.

All independent contractors must be preapproved through Compensation’s Independent Contractor Approval Portal ( before work begins. To view instructions on how to submit a preapproval request, click here, or read the IC Preapproval Manual.

Contract Requirements for ICs

The Office of General Counsel and Risk Management and Safety have advised that where the university is paying an independent contractor for services, there should be a written agreement in place, regardless of the amount of compensation.

For many independent contractor services, BYU’s very basic short form independent contractor agreement is sufficient. Where the contracted services involve minor-aged children, personal or confidential information, or a risk of substantial loss or liability, a long form agreement is required which includes appropriate provisions to protect the university, including insurance. There is also a form agreement specific to speakers and presenters that addresses copyright and other IP issues in a flexible and practical way. As users answer questions in the independent contractor portal, they will be directed to the correct form agreement.

For questions about contracts and why they are required for each engagement, please contact your area’s attorney at

If you need further assistance, contact Compensation at or call 801-422-0220.

Dress & Grooming Guidelines for ICs

All Independent Contractors must agree to comply with Brigham Young University's personal conduct standards. This document outlines those standards as stated by the Honor Code which all students and employees of BYU agree to follow. This form must be read by all independent contractors before work is begun.

To see the university policy to which these procedures are associated, please click here.

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To see the university policy to which these procedures are associated, please click here.

For additional questions, you can consult Financial Services or the Tax Office.