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Financial Planners

Financial planners from DMBA and financial consultants from TIAA are available to all full-time benefitted BYU personnel at no extra cost. They visit our campus a few days every month to provide one-on-one appointments of up to one-hour each. All are professionally certified to provide personal financial guidance.

DMBA Financial Planners

Make an appointment by calling 1-801-578-5627 or 1-800-777-3622, ext. 5627, or emailing

As certified financial planners, DMBA’s team can help with just about anything related to understanding and managing financial situations, including:

  • budgeting, building emergency savings, and managing debt
  • life insurance, including what amounts might be appropriate for a given situation
  • estate planning and investment management
  • saving for retirement
  • buying or selling a house
  • saving for and helping finance missions (children or retirees)
  • charitable giving
  • teaching children about money

Be aware also that a meeting with the financial planners doesn’t have to be a one-time consultation. DMBA can help by following up and working with individuals until they have learned the appropriate skills and are moving forward on their own. There is also no limit set on the number of times one can contact a planner.

Please visit the new DMBA financial planning page to learn more about available services and resources.

TIAA Financial Consultant

You can make an appointment by calling 1-800-732-8353, or use the following link to set up appointment with a TIAA representative for financial counseling:

Financial Counseling for Higher Education Institutions in Utah

Also, please visit the following link for additional information about TIAA’s retirement plans and live financial webinars:

You must have a TIAA account or be interested in exploring retirement options available through TIAA to meet with a financial consultant.