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TIAA: Additional Retirement plans, Financial Counseling, and Live Financial Webinars

Any non-student employee (including non-benefited employees) can choose to contribute to any supplemental retirement savings account available through TIAA as long as he/she is receiving a salary from BYU. Contributions are made through payroll deductions. BYU does not make any matching contributions to these accounts.

TIAA 403(b)

To enroll in the TIAA 403(b) plan, please select the link below. Once you have completed the enrollment information, contact BYU Benefits Service,, to request the salary reduction agreement, and to designate your contribution percentage.

  • Contributions are before tax; you are not taxed until it is withdrawn.
  • Earnings are tax-deferred; you are not taxed until it is withdrawn.
  • Contribution percentage may be changed at any time. You may also elect a fractional percentage for your contributions (not available in the DMBA 401(k)). Visit the Benefits Office to complete and sign a form.

You may only withdraw funds prior to age 59½ for the following reasons:

  • Death
  • Disability
  • Early Retirement (age 55+)
  • Termination
  • Financial hardship

Funds that you withdraw prior to age 59½ are subject to federal and state income taxes. Tax laws require a mandatory 20% withholding. Also, an additional tax penalty equal to 10% of the taxable portion of your withdrawal will be imposed.

The annual contribution deferral limit for 2023 is $22,500. Employees age 50 or older may contribute an additional $7,500 (up to $30,000 total). However, any contributions to a 401(k) also count toward this limit.

There are many investment options to choose from. Please visit the Benefits Office for plan materials which include a list of all available investment options.


Want more information about the TIAA plans or more in-depth planning for the funds you have already invested in TIAA? Use the following information to set up appointment with a TIAA representative for financial counseling:


If you are interested in meeting with a TIAA consultant on campus, please call 800.732.8353 to schedule an appointment.

Upcoming Campus Dates

Coming soon!


If you are interested in meeting with a TIAA consultant virtually, please click the link below to schedule an appointment.

Financial Counseling for Higher Education Institutions in Utah


Below is the itinerary of all currently scheduled webinars, with direct scheduling links, and attached is a detailed flyer for March. Employees can access these webinars at Recordings are available for replay on demand for 90 days following the live webinar date.

TIAA also offers Spanish financial educational webinars. The webinars can be accessed here:

TIAA ofreciendo seminarios web de educación financiera en español. Los seminarios web se pueden acceder aquí:


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