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Volunteer Policy Procedures

  1. Prior to allowing a volunteer to provide services to the university, the campus department will:
    1. Review the Volunteer Policy.
    2. If required under the Policy, by Risk Management and Safety, or Staff Employment, fill out the Volunteer Agreement and obtain signatures.
  2. The Volunteer Agreement will be sent to:
    1.  Risk Management and Safety (Lisa Mortensen) and Staff Employment (Catherine Hendricks).
    2. Risk Management and Safety will monitor proposed volunteer services for prohibited activities along with any safety, minor protection, or other liability risks.
    3. Staff Employment will monitor volunteers for potential employee situations.
  3. If required by the Background Check and Criminal Charge Disclosure Policy, or otherwise by Risk Management and Safety or Staff Employment, the campus department will submit requests for volunteer background checks to Risk Management and Safety, who will facilitate with the university background check vendor. Any costs associated with volunteer background checks will be the responsibility of the requesting campus departments.
  4. Any incidents or accidents involving volunteer services should be reported promptly to Risk Management and Safety.
  5. Church service missionary requests follow separate procedures for Church service missionaries.