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Vision Services Plan (VSP)

Vision Service Plan (VSP) offers valuable vision protection, which provides coverage for frames, lenses, contacts, and even discounts on LASIK. Enrollment is optional and you pay the entire premium.

You can choose from two options: Basic Coverage and Premier Coverage. The Basic plan covers glasses (frames and lenses) or contacts, and the Premier plan covers the eye exam and glasses (frames and lenses) or contacts. The DMBA medical plans (excluding Deseret Protect) include coverage for an eye exam for each individual covered under the medical plan.  You will pay the co-pay for each exam.  However, the co-pay for eye exams covered by the VSP Premier plan is included in the premium you pay.

Please keep in mind, your VSP coverage must match your medical coverage. For example, if you have family medical coverage, you'll have family VSP coverage even if only one person needs the glasses and/or contacts.

For more information, please see or contact Benefit Services at 801-422-4716.

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