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Hiring Timeline

Timelines for Job Postings

Administrative & Staff new postings 
(full-time, part-time, and open until filled)
- Minimum 5 business days​

Internal postings within the department
- Minimum 3 calendar days​

Closed jobs that are re-opened
- Minimum 3 business days​

Canceled jobs followed by a new posting
- Minimum 5 business days

When can I submit for clearance checks? ​

Jobs with a close date

  • Clearance checks may begin after the job posting has closed.

Jobs with an extended close date

  • Clearance checks may begin after the new close date.

Jobs opened as or changed to “open to filled”

  • Clearance checks may begin after the minimum number of posting days requirement has passed.

Exception: ½ time jobs that are hiring multiple employees (usually seasonal or temporary) can hire as soon as possible.

Please Note:

  • Interviews can begin while the job is open.
  • Submitting for clearance checks can be done after a posting has 1) closed or has 2) met the minimum open days requirement
  • The clearance process is more than the background check and ecclesiastical clearance. Up to 27 items are checked before an applicant is moved to "submit for clearance checks."