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Student Employee of the Year Winner 2024

James Victor Hall - PF AVP Office

Meet James, the epitome of professionalism and reliability at BYU Grounds! He helped transform his department through the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic by leading recruitment efforts. James' unwavering dedication propelled Grounds to unforeseen heights as student employee counts soared to 414 by the end of Fall Semester 2023 after student employee capacity was down to 198 in Fall 2022. Through his articulate communication skills, James effortlessly conveys innovative ideas to promote student employment, garnering support from leaders and shaping BYU Grounds' brand identity. James' innovative approaches, from distributing small plants at New Student Orientation to introducing personalized Grounds-branded shovels, have captivated the campus community, fostering deeper engagement and camaraderie. Recently entrusted with documenting the renovation of the LaVell Edwards Stadium, James' meticulous approach and frequent communication with managers exemplify his unwavering dedication. Join us in celebrating James' outstanding contributions, setting a new standard of excellence among student employees at BYU Grounds and across campus!
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