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Screening Candidates

Screening Applicants

All applications are screened by Staff Employment. We strongly recommend well-defined minimum qualifications on a job posting as this determines applicants qualified for the job.

Screening Minimum Requirements

All applications considered for a position must meet the minimum requirements as written in each job posting.

  • All work experience must be listed in the work experience section of the application to be counted, even when a resume is included.
  • If the job requires a minimum of two years' work experience, this means full-time work, not part-time work. Volunteer work is not counted.
  • If the job requires a specific bachelor’s degree, the applicant must have that specific degree, i.e., “bachelor’s degree in accounting.”
  • If the job requires a non-specific bachelor’s degree, then any bachelor’s degree is acceptable.
  • If the job requires a bachelor’s degree plus work experience or equivalent education and experience, the combined education and/or work experience will count toward the required experience.

After the Screening Process

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements are moved on to hiring department for review by the hiring manager and others in the hiring committee. The hiring committee can opt to select candidates for a HireVue virtual interview or go directly to a face-to-face interview.

For help with HireVue setup, please contact BYU's Talent Acquisition Manager at 801-422-6175 or