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Physical Examinations Procedures

Post-offer physical examinations are given to evaluate the overall ability of a person to perform certain jobs on campus. These exams include both a physical therapy lift test and a medical exam If a physical examination is required, under no circumstances may an employee begin work until the post-offer physical has been completed and evaluated by a representative in Staff and Administrative Employment.

Based on job duties and physical requirements for each position, the necessity of physical exams will be decided by Human Resource Services (HRS). Additionally, physical examinations will be administered by a designated provider as determined by HRS. Candidates are considered unqualified for employment if they cannot perform the essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations as determined by the physical exam. Brigham Young University reserves the right to use and consult with additional physicians, occupational therapists, and other health professionals to establish the individual's ability to perform the essential functions of the job. Abilities of individuals in question will be evaluated by HRS.

If you have any question as to when a physical examination is required, please call 422-8327.

BYU physical exam procedures are as follows:

  1. For a potential hire, packets containing instructions and physical examination information will be emailed to the appropriate department during the clearance check process.
  2. Once the department gives the physical exam packet to the applicant, it is his/her responsibility to schedule an appointment for both the physical therapy lift test and the medical exam. The applicant takes the entire physical exam packet with them to the post-offer physical exam.
  3. Applicants who complete a physical exam at the BYU Student Health Center will bring the completed packet to Staff and Administrative Employment (D-70 ASB) at the time of hire. It should be in a stamped and sealed envelope. Exams completed elsewhere will be sent electronically to Staff and Administrative Employment.
  4. Whether or not an individual passes a post-offer physical exam, and continues with the hiring process, will be decided by a representative in the Staff and Administrative Employment Office. The representative reviews the confidential information recorded by the doctor on the physical exam and the health questionnaire filled out by the prospective employee. Based on this information and the physical requirements of the position indicated in the job description, the representative determines if the potential employee can proceed to be hired and receive authorization to begin work.
  5. In cases where the abilities of an individual to perform the physical requirements of a position are in question, Human Resource Services will evaluate each case specifically.

To see the university policy to which these procedures are associated, please click here.