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March 2024 Newsletter

January 2024 Newsletter

Featured Article by Don Brugger

Go . . . Cougar office workers!

At BYU, rooting for the home team is not just about sports. It’s also about cheering on the school’s unsung team of dedicated office personnel who help keep BYU running.

The cheering squad is OPAC, an initiative of BYU’s Human Resources Division serving BYU office professionals. Like the school’s Big 12 aspirations, OPAC members from departments and units across campus huddle up at a variety of events to help boost their team to victory—in this case, the personal growth and career success of their fellow office-support peers.

This year, rallying under the banner “Hope Smiling Brightly Before Us,” OPAC committee members are identifying career development and other needs of campus office staff and planning how to meet them. On the agenda are events that promote networking, group interaction, recognition, and opportunities to exchange ideas and resources—all in pursuit of fostering excellence in their office community.

“We are spread across campus but come together in hope and inspiration with our guest lectures, tours, and annual OPAC conference. Each office professional is vitally important at each event as we learn how to face the world with the intertwining of our roles on our OPAC team.” —Cindy Cromar, OPAC chair

A big part of this yearly effort is the two-day Annual Office Professionals Conference in March. With their supervisor’s approval, BYU office professionals can attend all conference sessions that fit their schedule and interests.

 OPAC also sponsors guest lectures throughout the academic year. Speakers are drawn from both inside and outside of BYU and address topics related to the OPAC theme for the year. One recent guest lecturer was Debbie Hall, a BYU Travel Services consultant who shared valuable travel tips for BYU employees.

 Events such as the annual conference, guest lectures, and campus tours happen throughout the year. Contact your direct supervisors for approval to participate. More information about OPAC can be found at

 To be notified about OPAC events, contact your OPAC representative to be added to the mailing list. For a list of representatives, go to

 Become a member and . . . Go you! Go BYU!