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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of OPAC?

The mission of OPAC (Office Professionals Association Committee) is:

  • To promote excellence by providing opportunities for networking, recognition, and exchange of ideas.
  • To encourage individual and professional growth.
Members of the Office Professionals Association Committee identify development and other needs of office professionals on campus. These members promote networking and group interaction and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and resources. Individual and professional growth is facilitated through involvement in planning the Annual Office

Professionals Conference and guest lecture presentations. Members promote excellence in all levels of office support professionals.

Committee members represent each college and division on campus. They are appointed by their deans/directors to serve on OPAC for a term of three years. All members are involved in planning and participating in the Annual Office Professionals Conference.

What does it mean to be a representative?

Representatives are the link between their college, division, or area and Human Resource Services. They are the “voice” of that college, division, or area to Human Resources to identify development and other needs of office professionals on campus.

As a representative, you are also a resource for anyone within your college, division, or area who has questions.

Are there meetings involved with being an OPAC rep?

As a committee, we meet the second Thursday of the month to review the past month’s achievements, set goals for the next month, pick up necessary materials to distribute, or resolve issues related to the conference or other concerns.

Each representative is also assigned to a sub-committee with a separate chair. They may each have meetings (outside of the monthly meeting) depending on their committee responsibilities.

In March, representatives should plan on attending as much of the annual conference as their supervisors will allow. At the minimum, plan on attending the opening session since that is when you are acknowledged and recognized.

What are the obligations and expectations of an OPAC representative?

Besides being a member of the general OPAC committee, representatives are also assigned a sub-committee responsibility.

Each sub-committee has different assignments and chairs. Within their sub-committee they will be assigned certain tasks.

The timelines and commitments for accomplishing these tasks vary according to committee.

How do I get the word out regarding guest lecture presentations or the annual conference, to the staff in my department or division?

All OPAC committee members will disperse flyers, or other relevant information, to those in their areas of responsibility.

What items do I pass on to my replacement?

As the year progresses, committee members should keep items or materials they feel will be of benefit to their replacement. Anything that will offer insight to the new person will be greatly appreciated.