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OPAC Conference

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2024 Conference Registration

Register for the conference now by clicking here.

Remember that to attend the luncheon on Friday, March 15, you will need to register for at least one class. Each area/department will be charged based on luncheon registration, NOT attendance. Registration for the luncheon will close at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

The Conference

The OPAC Conference is held each year during the winter semester. The conference consists of various classes, campus tours, guest lecture presentations, entertainment, and a closing luncheon. Presenters from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds are invited to share messages that relate to OPAC’s annual theme and that further the professional and personal growth of office professionals in the BYU community.

BYU office professionals are invited to attend all conference sessions that fit their schedule and interests, with their supervisor’s approval. Registration for the conference opens one month in advance. Pictures of most conference sessions are available online approximately one month after the conclusion of the conference.

For notification about OPAC events, please contact your OPAC Representative to be added to the OPAC mailing list.


The mission of the Brigham Young University Office Professionals Association Conference (OPAC) is

  • To promote excellence by providing opportunities for networking, recognition, and exchange of ideas
  • To encourage individual and professional growth

Members of the Office Professionals Association provide job training and personal development on campus. These members promote networking and group interaction and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and resources. Motivation, inspiration, and individual and professional growth are facilitated through involvement in planning the Annual Office Professionals Association Conference and guest lecture presentations. Members promote excellence in all levels of office support professionals.

Committee members represent each college and division/area on campus. They are appointed to serve on OPAC for a term of three years by their deans/directors. All committee members are involved in planning and participating in the Annual Office Professionals Association Conference.