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OPAC Conference


2022 Conference Registration

Register for the conference now by clicking here.

The Conference

The OPAC Conference is held each year during the winter semester. The conference consists of various classes, campus tours, guest lecture presentations, entertainment, and a closing luncheon. Presenters from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds are invited to share messages that relate to OPAC’s annual theme and that further the professional and personal growth of office professionals in the BYU community.

BYU office professionals are invited to attend all conference sessions that fit their schedule and interests, with their supervisor’s approval. Registration for the conference opens one month in advance. Pictures of most conference sessions are available online approximately one month after the conclusion of the conference.

For notification about important conference dates, please subscribe to the OPAC mailing list or contact your OPAC representative.


The mission of the Brigham Young University Office Professionals Association Conference (OPAC) is

  • To promote excellence by providing opportunities for networking, recognition, and exchange of ideas
  • To encourage individual and professional growth

Members of the Office Professionals Association provide job training and personal development on campus. These members promote networking and group interaction and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and resources. Motivation, inspiration, and individual and professional growth are facilitated through involvement in planning the Annual Office Professionals Association Conference and guest lecture presentations. Members promote excellence in all levels of office support professionals.

Committee members represent each college and division/area on campus. They are appointed to serve on OPAC for a term of three years by their deans/directors. All committee members are involved in planning and participating in the Annual Office Professionals Association Conference.

OPAC Representatives

First Name Last Name Departments Office Extension Email
MariLee Allred Graduate Studies, University Police, Traffic/Parking Services, Security 105 FPH 4465
Julie Averett Marriott School of Management, AFROTC, AROTC 513 TNRB 3951
Marcey Behunin BYUSA, Campus Scheduling, Career and Counseling Center, Center for Service and Learning, Faculty Center, International Services Office, Multicultural Student Services, Post Office, Student Life, University Accessibility Center, University Advisement, Women's Services & Resources, WSC: Student Dean 4450 WSC 2848
Robert Black Life Sciences, Bean Museum, Skaggs Ranch, Kennedy Center 2150 LSB 3974
Cindy Cromar Humanities 4086 JFSB 2721
Jen Dalley Office of IT, LDS Philanthropies 3009 ITB 9792
Megan Goodman Financial Services, Purchasing and Travel C-173 ASB 7011
Susie Griffin Dining Services 5543 WSC 6450
Jonathan Hardy College Nursing 153 KMBL 5699
Devan Jensen Religious Education, Testing Services, Undergraduate Education, Maxwell Institute 167A HGB 9304
Melissa Kagi Human Resource Services, ASB Administrative Offices D-238 ASB 8135
Lissa Matthews Engineering and Technology 240 EB 5810
Melanie Miller Missionary Training Center S1-A94 MTC 7940
Stephanie Miller Fine Arts and Communications, MOA, Daily Universe E509E HFAC 8773
Krista Mortensen Family, Home and Social Sciences 747 KMBL 3422
Melissa Palmer Continuing Education 419 HCEB 4147
Milan Pohontsch Lee Library, Copyright Services, Creative Works, Technology Transfer, CTL 6738 HBLL 9445
Jennifer Pollei BYU Broadcasting 3105 BYUB 1846
Jennifer Richards Residence Life 160 HRCN
Juleah Roberts Student Health Center 2300 SHC 7443
Amy Royer Physical and Mathematical Sciences C101 BNSN 4845
Shelena Shamo Other N273 ESC 9299
McKell Stoddart Enrollment Services B-226 ASB 4640
Karen Strange McKay School of Education 301 MCKB 0634
Lola Taylor Physical Facilities 201 BRWB 5551
Nikilani Tengan Alumni Relations, Public Affairs, Guest Relations, Special Events, Annual Giving, Aspen Grove, Performing Arts, Print and Mail Production Center, Publications and Graphics 218 UPB 4711
Wendy Wilcox BYU Store, PERSS 3978 WSC 6796