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How long are jobs posted?

Administrative positions are listed for two weeks and staff positions are listed for one week, however, some special exceptions can apply. All deadlines for job openings can be found at

Does BYU ask for background checks?

Yes. Each final candidate will be asked to complete a background check prior to an offer of employment.

How are starting salaries determined?

Full-time salaries are based on the job level of the position, as well as the education and previous work experience of the applicant. Hourly wages for part-time employees begin at $7.25 per hour and increase, depending on education and experience.

How do you determine if an applicant meets the minimum requirements for the job?

Example: If the job requires a minimum of 2 years work experience, this means full-time work, not part-time work. Volunteer work is not counted. All work experience must be listed in the Work Experience section of the application to be counted, even when a resume is included.

Example: If the job requires a specific bachelor’s degree, the applicant must have that specific degree, i.e., “bachelor’s degree in accounting.” If the job requires a “bachelor’s degree,” then any bachelor’s degree is acceptable.

Example: If the job requires a bachelor’s degree OR 4 years work experience, then either the bachelor’s degree or the work experience will count.

I am not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, am I eligible for employment at BYU?

Yes, those who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can apply for positions at BYU. However, interviewing or hiring a non-member applicant requires Vice President approval.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Am I automatically eligible for employment at BYU?

As a condition of employment, all employees must act in accordance with university policies and the Church Educational System (CES) Honor Code, including the Dress and Grooming Standards, and refrain from behavior or expression that seriously and adversely affects the university mission or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church member employees also accept as a condition of employment the standards of conduct consistent with qualifying for temple privileges. All employees are expected to be role models of a life that combines the quest for intellectual rigor with spiritual values and personal integrity, and to conduct their work in a professional manner consistent with the values espoused by the university and the Church. The university regularly contacts ecclesiastical leaders concerning the temple eligibility of all employees who are members of the Church.

How many credits may I take as a full-time employee?

Full-time employees may take up to six credit hours per semester for Fall and Winter semesters; and a total of six credit hours for Spring and Summer terms combined. Employees are to obtain approvals from their supervisor and dean or director before enrolling in classes, which begin at or before 5:00 P.M., TBA classes, thesis hours, or dissertation hours. For audits and evening classes, employees may enroll at the Evening School office (122 Harman Building, 422-2872) or online at

How long will my application be kept online?

Once you have completed an application online, it will be stored in our online system temporarily. Because of future system upgrades, we are unable to keep applications indefinitely. We highly recommend applicants store their own documents, both electronic and hard copies.

If I submitted an application and other documents, is it possible to get hard copies of them or have them emailed to me?

Yes, if you are a current full time or ¾ time (28 hr) employee, you may request copies from the Compensation Office at (801) 422-4092.

What is the application timeline?

  1. Fill out the application completely for before close date. If the job close date is marked as “open until filled,” submit application as soon as possible.
  2. Central HR screens all applications based on minimum requirements for the job, then forwards all applications meeting the minimum requirements on to the hiring department.
  3. The hiring department reviews the applications to determine which applicants to interview.
  4. Applicants may be asked to complete an online digital interview with HireVue.
  5. Applicants may be asked to come in for a face-to-face interview, or a “live” online interview if applicant lives out of state.
  6. Depending on the job you apply for, there may also be a skills test as part of the hiring process.
  7. Final candidates will be asked to undergo both an ecclesiastic clearance and a background check, prior to an offer of employment.

What is HireVue?

HireVue is a tool BYU uses to conduct online digital interviews. You may be asked to complete either a “live” interview (you are interviewed via the internet) or an “on-demand” interview (your answers are recorded). If you are invited to do an interview, instructions will be sent to you.

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Whom may I contact if I have any additional questions?

Call Staff and Administrative Employment Services at (801) 422-3563 or come by the office at D-70 ASB.