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International Students

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), re-instatement for unauthorized employment is no longer available. Therefore, please continue to monitor the hours of your International Students carefully so that they won't lose their right to work in the U.S. The following are guidelines for International Student work eligibility:

  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 12.0 credit hours per semester.
  • Graduate students must be accepted into a BYU graduate program and be enrolled in a least 9.0 credit hours unless otherwise authorized by International Services.
  • Employment for International Students must not exceed twenty hours per week while school is in session. Any violation of this policy, by any amount of time, will result in immediate termination of the student's employment and may result in his/her deportation.
  • International Students that are graduating must end their work responsibilities the day of graduation.

See University Handbook for official University Policy.

Department Verification of Employment

Departments must complete this form and give it to their international student employees.
International students employees must then take this form to the International Student Office.

International Student Over-Hour Restrictions

International students are advised to only work no more than 19 hours and 50 minutes per work week. This should reduce a large number of minor over-hour violations.

International Student Employees Flyer

Download a printable version below

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