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Hire Process and Onboarding

Completing a New Hire

Submit an eForm (online hiring document) after acceptance of an offer of employment for:

  • Full-time administrative employees
  • Full-time staff employees
  • 3/4-time (28 hour) employees
  • 1/2-time (17.5 hour) employees

For information on how to do this, please review the eForm training. You will need the future employee's ID, your department's combination code, and the supervisor's ID number.

Note: The new employee cannot begin work until the authorization to begin work form is sent from Staff and Administrative Employment to the hiring department.

On or before the first day of work, direct the new employee to the BYU Welcome Center for information to:

  • Complete Section 1 of the Form I-9
  • Set up direct deposit and W-4
  • Register vehicle for parking
  • Review the New Employee Handbook and Benefits Handbook
  • Sign up for New Employee Orientation (if applicable)

Research suggests that motivation and performance are set in the first few hours of employment. A thoughtful introduction to the job environment can help a new employee get a fast start in becoming a productive and committed university employee. This checklist is provided to aid supervisors in that process. Please feel free to adapt the checklist to your department and individual needs.

New Employee Checklist


  • Appropriate members of management
  • Department members and others with whom the new employee will have regular contact

Department Information

  • Review of department and university organization
  • Departmental mission, functions, and responsibilities
  • Keys, computers, phones, etc.

Employee's Position

  • Job description
  • Annual Performance Plan
  • Major accountability and performance standards
  • Performance expectations
  • Progress review discussions
  • Development and training


  • New University Personnel Orientation
  • Meetings with supervisor
  • Department meetings
  • Y News
  • Campus and U.S. mail
  • Devotionals and Forums

Policies and Procedures

Employee Relations/ Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Fair Treatment
  • Third party assistance

Safety, Medical and Security

  • Appropriate/ mandated safety procedures
  • Emergency program and 911
  • Giving appropriate medical assistance
  • Department security practices
  • HazCom training (for employees who use hazardous chemicals)
  • Work injury, medical treatment, worker's compensation
  • Reporting accidents/ hazards

Access to Computers

  • Net ID and password
  • Any necessary BYU access