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Benefits Presentations

The presentation modules listed below have been developed by BYU Benefits Services to provide information about BYU benefits plans to campus personnel. Each module has been designed to be delivered in 15 –20 minutes during a department staff meeting. If more time is available, information from several modules can be strung together for a longer, more complete presentation. To schedule a presentation for a department or group, please call the Benefits Office at 422-4716.

Medical Plans Comparison
The structure, premiums and coverages for the four medical plans are reviewed.

Review of Benefits
Participants receive a copy of their current enrollment. The plans are reviewed in a format where questions can be answered.

Flexible Spending Account
The advantages and processes of a Flexible Spending Account are explained.

Savings Plans
Current savings plans from DMBA and TIAA are reviewed and investment fund options are discussed.

This is a discussion of rules for naming beneficiaries, payment options available to beneficiaries and problems that arise if beneficiaries are not properly named for life insurance and savings plans.

Master Retirement Plan/Retirement Plus Plan
A Master Retirement Plan estimate is provided. The retirement calculation and the payout options are explained. The Retirement Plus Plan will also be discussed.

Saving Plans Payout Options
The payout options available from the savings plans are explained. Minimum distribution requirement will be discussed.

Social Security
A discussion about the benefits provided by Social Security.

Insurances Available in Retirement
The medical, dental and life insurances available after retirement are discussed along with information about Social Security and Medicare.

Death Before Retirement
This presentation discusses what benefits are available to the family if an employee dies before retirement.

Life Insurance/Accident Insurance
What is available? How much do I need? How much does it cost?

DMBA Website Navigation
Features of the DMBA website are demonstrated.

BYU Tuition Benefit
Tuition benefits for employees, spouses and dependents are reviewed.

Value Added Benefits

Question: What is available that is not provided in a formal benefit plan?
Answer: Glasses, contacts, Lasik eye surgery, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, long-term care insurance, etc., etc., etc..

Financial Planning

Core Financial Principles- Learn 7 core financial principles to address to get your financial house in order. Includes workbook. Covers charitable giving, saving for emergencies, how to plan your spending, eliminating debt; reviewing and establishing insurance protection, creating an estate plan and investing.

Under age 55 employees- Review financial principles and benefits to address if you are in the early or mid-years of your career to prepare for your financial future.

Over age 55 employees- Review financial principles and benefits to address if you are in the late years of your career preparing for retirement. Will include reviewing Social Security, Medicare and retiree health benefits, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

One on One appointments- Visit one on one with a DMBA financial planner. Review retirement benefits, have a comprehensive financial analysis put together, or get financial coaching regarding budgeting, debt elimination, investing, or other areas of personal finance.

For contact information to schedule these presentations, please call:

BYU Benefits Office