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3rd Place Winner for Student Employee of the Year 2024

Adrianne Barton - Integrity & Compliance Office

Meet Adrianne (Adri), a dynamic leader at the Integrity and Compliance Office (ICO). She excels in her role at the ICO, consistently offering valuable insights and articulating thoughtful ideas during staff meetings. She demonstrates leadership by supervising law clerks, providing guidance with professionalism, and fostering a supportive environment for learning. Recently, she led efforts to expand experiential learning opportunities for students by spearheading the preparation and submission of a conference proposal. This proposal was accepted, showcasing her initiative and dedication to advancing the team's goals. Adri also took the initiative to organize a productive brainstorming session among student employees to create a clever title and tagline for a monthly training series. Despite looming deadlines, she facilitated an engaging atmosphere, assimilated diverse ideas, and effectively communicated them to the ICO graphic designer, resulting in a successful advertising campaign. Join us in celebrating Adri's invaluable contributions to our team's success.
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