Ecclesiastical Questions

Do I need to be LDS to work for BYU?

No. However, all employees are required to agree to maintain LDS standards as defined by our Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards, both on and off campus, 24 hours a day. To review the Honor Code, please go to As an educational institution affiliated with the LDS Church, BYU prefers to hire qualified members of the Church in good standing, as authorized under Title 41 CFR § 60-1.5 (a)(6).

If I am not LDS, and never have been LDS, do I need to fill out the Current Bishop/Clergy section on the application?

Yes. Please fill out each question in this section regardless of your religious status. If a question is not directly applicable, please answer "N/A."

What if I just moved and do not know my new bishop yet?

Please list your new ward on your application, as well as your former ward and bishop. We encourage you to keep current ecclesiastical information on your main application and update it when changes are made.

Do LDS employees need to hold a current temple recommend to work for BYU?

No, but LDS employees need to be temple worthy. LDS employees accept, as a condition of employment, the standards of conduct consistent with qualifying for temple privileges. All employees are expected to be role models of a life that combines spiritual values and personal integrity, and to conduct their work in a professional manner consistent with the values espoused by the university and the Church. In most instances, employees will have a current temple recommend. However, in rare circumstances, this may not be the case. The university regularly contacts ecclesiastical leaders concerning the temple eligibility of all LDS employees.

Do I need to contact my bishop for an interview in order to apply?

No. The employment office will contact your bishop only when you become a final candidate for a position.